Further Information

This website will hopefully inform readers of the many different aspects of kendo. The historical Japanese sport is certainly popular with people all over the world. Anyone interested in trying it out themselves may have used site information to work out if it is right for them. Alternatively, visitors might just have an academic interest in it.

Once readers have consumed all of the information found on the website pages, they could be thirsty for more. However, without knowing where to look, it is hard to find reliable sources on this somewhat niche activity. Luckily there are a few places to try.


If the person is lucky enough to live close to a dojo, then this will be the best place to expand their kendo knowledge. They could ask a master of the sport all about the various aspects of it. This will also give people an opportunity to try it out for themselves.

Whilst reading about kendo is useful, there is no better way to experience it than through a real-life session at a respectable dojo.


Suppose there is no dojo nearby, then the person can still find plenty of information in their local library. It is a good idea to first try the sports section. There may be books all about the techniques, equipment, and philosophy behind kendo. Some books detail the feats of famous kendo masters.

Readers can also benefit from looking for books about the history of Japan. This will help to contextualize kendo for people in western countries.

Specialist Websites

The internet is an invaluable resource for learning about a wide range of different subjects. This site is dedicated to the sport of kendo, and visitors are sure to learn a lot about it. When they have finished, it is worth checking out online martial-arts-focused encyclopedias.

Doing so will allow the reader to understand where kendo fits into the world of combative sports. If people research both western and eastern-based martial arts, it will give them valuable knowledge.

Online Forums

On the other hand, some people will want to stick to kendo exclusively rather than read about similar sports. If so, then they could join forums. These will contain members who engage in kendo on a regular basis. The best forums will be very welcoming of new members and answer any of their questions.

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