MVKC Practice Schedule for June & July 2017


Regular Practice – 3rd, 10th, 17th

No Practice – 24th due to All US Championship



So far planning all 5 Saturdays regular practice but I will miss 1st and 8th.

My zazen practice in Japan from June 29th ~ July 11th.


Additional Info Zendo (禅道) Zazen (坐禅)

If you are interested in, here are three Zen Masters(禅師家), I am meeting.


English Language Video

Master Jinen – Universal recommendation for zazen (長井自然老師 坐禅のすすめ 普勘坐禅儀)


Japanese Language Video 日本語動画

井上哲玄老師 修行方法法話


井上貫道老師 坐禅の基礎 普勘坐禅儀

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