AUSKF Forms to Assist Juniors at AUSKF Championships

A friendly reminder: pre-registration (indicating how many participants your federation will be registering) is due in 10 days on March 15th. 

To assist the federations with Open Juniors registration (which allows an unlimited number of participants in the individuals unlike the Nationals) and gear ordering, we are distributing two forms that you can distribute to dojos in your federation to collect this information.

The two forms are attached. We ask that if you use these please only provide totals for your federation in the Google forms we shared earlier with you all; we will not be collecting forms from individual dojos.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Thank you!

– AUSKF Tournament Committee

2017 AUSKF Championships Gear

AUSKF Juniors 2017 Registration – Dojo Sample

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