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2017 AUSKF Summer Camp

Dear AUSKF Federation Leaders, Kenshi, and Friends:

We are very excited to announce that the guest instructors for the 2017
AUSKF Summer Camp will be Kazuo Furukawa Sensei (8-Dan Hanshi – Hokkaido
Prefecture) and Yoshimi Higashi Sensei (8-Dan Kyoshi – Aichi Prefecture)!

While both Sensei are recognized throughout Japan and the world for their
achievements as both a kenshi and an instructor, please see below for a
short list of some of their accomplishments.

Kazuo FURUKAWA Sensei (Hokkaido)
8-Dan Hanshi
-All Japan 8th Dan Championship 1st Place
-All Japan Kendo Championship 2nd Place
-World Kendo Championships 2nd Place Individual Division
-World Combat Games 8-Dan Championship 1st Place (2 Times)
-All Japan Teachers’ Championships 1st Place Individual
-All Japan Teachers’ Championships 1st Place Team

Yoshimi HIGASHI Sensei (Aichi)
8-Dan Kyoshi
-All Japan 8th Dan Championship 1st Place
-All Japan 7th Dan Championship 3rd Place (2 Times)
-All Japan Police Championships 2nd Place Team

We are extremely excited to have both Furukawa Sensei and Higashi Sensei
joining us for the event. Please forward this information on to your
federation members.

Register now before the camp is full at:

Please note that the deadline to register for this event is July 7th, 2017.

AUSKF Education Committee


Note from ECUSKF Shuhei Ito June 27, 2017

Dear dojo representatives,

If your dojo member is taking kodansha promotion exam and needing my president signature, please let me know immediately.

I am traveling to Japan from 6/29 until 7/11 with very limited internet access.


Shuhei Ito




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