Practice Schedule for February 9 – 23

From Satoko-Sensei,

Hello all,

I was just informed that OSP will not be available on Feb. 9th to 23rd, so unfortunately we will not have the practice.

The next practice will be March 2nd.

I will inform the March schedule as soon as we confirm the OSP availability.

If you have any questions, please let […]

New Year’s Hatsu Geiko Update

Hello MVKC members,


Satoko sensei & I decided to reschedule the tomorrow’s New Year’s Party for Feb 2,2019 due to the winter weather forecast.


New Date & Time: 02/02/2019 (Sat) Starting at 4:30pm

Location : Ten Pin Alley (Hilliard, OH)

Website :


We are planning to open our Dojo tomorrow.

BUT, […]

New Years Hatsu Geiko

A Happy New Year for MVKC members, I hope 2019 will be wonderful year for you & your family. Also I hope 2019 becomes a great year for our MVKC dojo. I am finally sending you the details of the MVKC Dojo Photo shooting & New Year’s Party on 1/12/2019 Also, some other schedule […]

Tournaments and Seminars Page

I’ve added two new events to the Tournaments and Seminars Page:

2019 Detroit Kendo Club Taikai

2019 Southern Ohio Intercollegiate Kendo Championships

New Year’s Day Party and Hatsugeiko

Hello MVKC kenshis,

I would like to propose to have a New Year’s party of MVKC.

Please give your vote for the date choice.

1/5/2019 (Sat) : After Year First Keiko – Hatsu geiko 1/12/2019 (Sat) 1/19/2019 (Sat)

I will send you the restaurant option later.

Please let me know!!

Thank you.

潤子(秋本)アレン Junko Akimoto-Allen


Congratulations to Satoko Boettcher-sensei

We are pleased to announce that Satoko-sensei has passed the 5th Dan promotion exam.


Detroit Kendo Dojo 2018 Year End Party

Dear all members, family and friends of Detroit Kendo Dojo,


We will have 2018 year ending party after practice.

Please let Mizusawa know, if you have any questions.

His Phone number is 248-686-9205.

Saturday Dec 8th, 2018,

7:15 pm

Place: New Peking Restaurant 29105 Ford Rd, Garden City, MI 48135 734-425-2230

South East Corner […]

Ito-sensei has moved.

Dear Dojo representatives and officers,


Kind of suddenly, but I recently moved to Cleveland due to my job transition.

Officially I still belong to MVKC and ECUSKF at least this year period, followed by AUSKF membership registration 2018.


Shuhei Ito

Practice Schedule for August 2018

4th – Practice


11th – Canceling due to AUSKF Referee Seminar at Cincinnati


18th – Practice but I am missing due to participation of AUSKF Summer Camp at Las Vegas. Who can take the dojo key?


25th – Practice & Mini-Promotion Exam up to 1-Dan.

AUSKF Membership Registration


It’s that time of year to think about membership registrations again!

Last year, we made the switch to a completely online membership registration – thank you again for all for your patience while we worked out the bugs. Hopefully, things will run a little bit smoother this time.

Online registration for the upcoming year […]