AUSKF Promotion Fees Restructuring

Dear AUSKF Member Federation Presidents & Vice-Presidents of Promotion,


Since 1997, the promotion exam & menjo (certificate/register) fees have not changed. After 20 years of unchanged fees, AUSKF decided to revise the fees based on its necessities and current fees practiced in other countries. I’ve attached the revised AUSKF Promotion Exam & Certificate (Register) […]

Higashi-sensei at Chicago Referee Seminar Video

Yoshimi Higashi sensei at Chicago referee seminar

He gave us really valuable referee training last weekend. Also I truly appreciate a jigeiko practice with him.

YouTube Video

You might want to watch his demonstration jigeiko and very well trained basic and standard kirikaeshi.


Ohio Sports Complex Unavailability

According to Katayama-sensei, Ohio Sports Complex will be unavailable on February 25 and March 4.


Dear MVKC members,


For now, I suggest that we join Sunday OSU practice while OSP is not available on those Saturdays if OSU is OK.

2/25 – OSP Not Available, so OSU Sunday?

3/4 – OSP Not Available, […]

AUSKF Newsletter December 31, 2016

AUSKF Newsletter Jan 2017