Ohio Sports Complex Unavailability

According to Katayama-sensei, Ohio Sports Complex will be unavailable on February 25 and March 4.


AUSKF Newsletter December 31, 2016

AUSKF Newsletter Jan 2017

2017 Detroit Kendo Tournament

Information package has been posted on the “Tournaments and Seminars” page on the website or you can use the shortlink here:




MVKC New Years Eve and New Years Day Schedule

Saturday 31st
1) Scheduled MVKC practice 1 PM ~ 3 PM
2) Cleveland new dojo practice 6 PM ~ 8 PM
– Welcome to join if you would like to. Contact Matsuyama-sensei at shigemi11@yahoo.com
– 9 PM New Year Eve gathering.
– Food and drink: Bring your own, order from restaurants, or buy at Wal-Mart.

Cleveland Sunday, 1st A New Year
Practice would start from 9 or 10 AM for 1 hour.
Celebrate A New Year to eat Japanese rice cakes.

MVKC New Year Practice 1/7

MVKC End of Year Party

Winking Lizard (100 Hutchinson Ave, Columbus, OH 43235)

End of Year Party

If we would like to hold our Year-End Party, I probably prefer next Saturday 17th around 6 PM.

Any suggestion yes or no, date, time, and place?

Can anyone coordinate?




Cleveland Kendo Club Women’s Kendo Practice

Dear Kendo friend,


I’m glad to announce you the Women’s Kendo Practice in Cleveland of this year.

“Kendo practice in Cleveland 2016” will be held on December 4th (Sun) 9:30 am to 2:30pm.

I will send you invitation letter shortly.

Please mark your calendar and save the date !

It will be the first event of our NEW DOJO.

Now our member is constructing it every day.

We are looking forward to see you soon.


Mieko Matsuyama

Cleveland Kendo Association

This is “Women’s Kendo Practice in Cleveland 2015”.




2016 Steve Johnson Memorial Cup Tournament Deadline

Deadline for registration for the tournament has been extended to October 28.

Results: 2016 Steve Johnson Memorial Cup Tournament

Announcement: East Central Steven Johnson Memorial Tournament Results

Please join us in congratulating the following medalists and winners of the tournament.

No Bogu Division
1. Corcoran, James
2. Sorkin, Adam
3. Dahl, Jensen
3. An, JinWan

Mudansha, Youth Division
1. Hotta, Akimasa
2. Sluss, Allen
3. Katayama, Takahide
3. Burgei, Eugene

Mudansha, Adult Division
1. Katayama, Tomohide
2. Sakuma, Daichi
3. Choi, Jihung
3. Abe, Kenji

Women Division
1. Connie Aguilera
2. Matsuyama, Hiroko
3. Akimoto, Junko
3. Matsunaga, Manami

Fourth-Dan and Up Division
1. Katayama, Hidetoyo
2. Ishii, Wataru
3. Matsunaga, Manabu
4. Kim, Burm

Steven Johnson Memorial Cup (1-3 Dan)
1. Onishi, Yuto
2. Modizuki, Teruya
3. Tamura, Kenta
3. Kuba, Leon

Teams, Youth Division
1. Columbus A
2. Detroit
3. Columbus B
3. Central Kentucky Kendo Club

Teams, Adult Division
1. Columbus A
2. Miami Valley Kendo Club
3. Central Kentucky Kendo Club A
3. Ohio State University A

We hope you had an exciting and fun weekend of kendo!
We would like to thank all the competitors, the judges, the organizers, the volunteers, as well as the families that provided support!
Thank you OSU for hosting.
We hope to see you all next year!!!

Miami Valley Kendo Club Home

Miami Valley Kendo Club was founded in Dayton, Ohio as a member dojo of the All United States Kendo Federation and the regional East Central United States Kendo Federation.