Kendo T-Shirts for Sale

Hello ECUSKF dojo representatives,
Let me introduce kendo goods, which Imafuji-sensei has. You might be interested in.
He is attending this Saturday Referee Seminar, so you can directly ask him if you have any question.

Kendo For Life Store
Shuhei Ito


2016 Goyo-kai Seminar and Tournament Announcement

Attached please find the invitation for Goyokai semiar and event held in Boston from 9/3016-10/2/16. (The document is in .pdf format)

ECUSKF Referee Seminar/Mini Promotion/Joint Practice

Saturday Referee Seminar / Mini Promotion
- 8/27
- Columbus (Ohio Sports Plus)
- Up to 1st Dan by 5 Examiners among 4th Dan & up
- Coordinator: Promotion Exam Officer, Chris George
- Tentative Time Table
- 8:00 Referee Seminar venue open - Lunch Break - 15:00 Closed
- 15:00 Mini Promotion Registration - 17:00 Joint Practice - 18:00 Closed
- 19:00 Possible After Party at 101 Beer Kitchen or any other suggested place

Sunday Team Training
- 8/28
- Cincinnati (College Hill Rec Center)
- Coordinator: Team Manager, Jay Lane and Satomi Lane
- Approx. 4 Hours (10:00 ~ 14:00?)

All U.S. Kendo Federation Junior Open Kendo Championships

Congratulations to Team ECUSKF Boys for winning the AUSKF Junior Open Kendo Championships.

Congratulations to Thomas Koizumi for Kantosho (Fighting Spirit) award.

Results: AUSKF Junior Open Results

Miyazaki-sensei Kata Seminar Proposal

Dear MVKC members,
Miyazaki-sensei's KATA
It was our great pleasure to get trained from Miyazaki-sensei, Imafuji-sensei's master in Japan, at Mudokwan last time.
So much meaningful detailed of Kata gave us a lot more senses and great impacts.
We should share this experience with all MVKC members as well by inviting Imafuji-sensei to MVKC.
He currently has a physical difficulty (back pain), but we can expect him to train us early next year.
Major Benefits

  Time Table Proposal

Shuhei Ito

Fukuhara Seminar at Kosho School of Karate

Koizumi Sensei, 

Thank you again for letting me join your training  on Saturday.  It felt good to practice kendo again!

I am attaching a PDF of our Seminar Flier, Registration Form, and Liability Release.  It would be great if some members of your dojo and the ECUSKF could attend the event!

Fukuhara Seminar Brochure

Fukuhara Seminar Registration

Fukuhara Seminar Liability Waiver

Kendo on Sport Japan TV

Hello MVKC members and visitors,
Bessho-sensei introduced us an interesting short TV show on the you tube.
Please watch and find something essentially important.
Happy Holidays!
Shuhei Ito 

You tube 内で、 NHK World よる剣道紹介番組を見つけました。



Japan Kanagawa Prefecture Police Practice

Hello MVKC members and visitors,

<Japan Kanagawa Prefecture Police practice>
Please watch the youtube video "from 8:28 to 9:40" and imagine how you can copy the practice at MVKC.
We cannot simply copy and adapt their whole practice to MVKC practice, but I want to adapt and adjust only one practice for MVKC. (Entire video) Prefecture Police Practice clip.wmv (8:28 - 9:40)

Shuhei Ito


Video from 2014 Cleveland Kendo Tournament

Miami Valley members and visitors,

MVKC/Columbus alliance team obtained 2nd place at the Cleveland Tournament.
Here are YouTube videos.

One of 1st ~ 3rd Round

One of 1st ~ 3rd Round
Semi Final - Mid West alliance

Final - Canada alliance

Shuhei Ito

Picture Slideshow from 2013 Kentucky Tournament

Pictures courtesy of Shigemi Ishii from Central Kentucky Kendo Club

Pictures from Tsuzuki-sensei and Bessho-sensei Farewell Keiko

P1000242a.jpg P1000246a.jpg P1000247a.jpg

P1000248a.jpg P1000249a.jpg

Farewell Kakari-geiko with Ariga-sensei September 2, 2012

Koizumi-sensei has uploaded a video of the kakari-geiko onto YouTube. You can watch it here.

Bessho-sensei has also uploaded a series of photographs of the kakari-geiko. You can watch it here.

Ariga-sensei is moving to S. Carolina, but he will continue being the President of our federation and come back to Fall Promotion/JC Tournament.

Honda-sensei's articles on jigeiko.

Click here and here for Sotaro Honda-sensei's articles on jigeiko.

An excellent article on suburi.

Many thanks to Mon Lu at Minnehaha Kendo Club.  The article is a treatise on how suburi is performed.


Latest Update August 8, 2016